Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stinkin' Tarheels

Dukies in Chicago: Be glad you are in Illinois today no matter how windy or cold it is. The stinkin' tarheels are out in full force today in North Carolina. Wearing their stinkin' blue t-shirts and their stinkin' blue hats, walking around all smiling and stinkin' and stinkin' and smiling like they solved the economic crisis or something.

It started last night. My "sweet" "friend" Kelly emailed me right at the buzzer. She's turned dark. Don't know what happened to her. She must have been hanging around Scott. He is his usual insufferable sarcastic self . . . two emails already today . . . accusing me of avoiding him this morning . . . (ha! I was busy! volunteering at a nursing home . . . so there!) And accusing the Blue Devils of misdeeds and foul mouths. He obviously thinks he's a master lip-reader or clairvoyant or something.

These people were my friends! You'd think they'd show some sympathy for a laid-off Christian grandmother. They probably are part of a group on FaceBook . . . "Harrasses sweet Christian laid-off knitting Grandmothers." Stinkin' tarheels.

And I know what Scott would say . . . He'd claim I started it with a trash-talking email to him yesterday morning. For the record all I said was that I hoped he was having a nice day. And maybe something else . . . but that was the gist of it. You just never know how people's minds are gonna twist the most innocent of comments.

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