Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

Hey family in Chicago and Indonesia! Thought I'd show you whassup back home in NC today!

I added this image Tuesday morning. Necklace idea, Widya?

Skeletons of Easter Lillies reminding us that they will one day bloom again.

Widya asked about this plant. It's called a holly bush. Nannie used to call it "berthadye" holly but I can't find any reference online for that particular name--or anything spelled like it.

My beautiful butterfly bush! I was just getting ready to prune it down to 12 inches the other day. Now maybe the snow has done it for me!

Oops. Chore for Dad. Part of fence collapsed.

My garden beds. I just cleared out the asparagus and Autumn Joy sedum the other day and planted onions.

Habib, polar dog.

Rosemary under snow.

Free form beauty.


  1. WOW!!! it snowed so so so so much!!!!

    i sooooo wish i was there so i could go sledding!!!

    thats one of the most beautiful snows ive seen

  2. i am soooo bummed i missed this!!

    such pretty pictures. i especially like the up close of the holly bush.

    habib looks like she put on some weight? baby its just a weird angel as shes running.

  3. Great snow pictures. My rosemary was under snow too but I didnot think to go out and take a picture.

  4. Your holly is probably a Ilex cornuta "Burfordii" Burford Holly. There is a link here: