Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taddie Bee Herbing

My latest business venture (okay diversion) started out innocently enough. My big bully rosemary plant was spreading everywhere and threatening to take over the lillies and phlox. The thought of tossing perfectly good organically-grown rosemary (that Walmart sells for $3 for a tiny packet or $24 per pound) in the compost pile gave me an idea. So I asked my friend Mike at Cedar Lodge Market if he would like to sell it there.

He said, "Sure! Maybe put it in some baggies."

So, I did....with some printed labels.

I also picked some sage and garlic chives which were busy in the garden just growing.

And then I put them in a basket and skipped (okay drove) to Cedar Lodge Market this morning. Mike thinks they would sell best at 99 cents each. He's not even taking any commission at first! He said lets see how they sell! Cool huh!

And later, I planted some curly and Italian parsley, basil, dill and cilantro just in case fresh herbs really do sell at Cedar Lodge Market. (We can always eat them if they don't.) The business downside about having to "eat" whatever doesn't sell isn't exactly a bad thing in the herb growing business!

Oh, and because I thought it looked neat on the label to have a web address, I also started a blog...


  1. How smart you are. Hope it takes of and you end up making a living off of it. Some one should enjoy fresh herbs. Darrell

  2. You are such an entrepreneur! I heard that even some of the chain stores like Food Lion are selling some local goods. May be another place to sell! Will you hire me?