Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Me Big Copy Cat

I went outside this morning to photograph a basket of yarn that Widya unraveled for me and noticed that some of my new perrenials are blooming! Most are from divisions my friend Karen gave me in the spring. Inspired by her blog (http://karenslate.blogspot.com/2009/06/summertime.html) where she showed blooms from her garden, I decided to be a big copycat and post some garden pics myself. My pics aren't gorgeous like Karen's but it was fun to take them . . . and I now need Karen's help remembering their names!

Is this a gerbera daisy? or an aster?

I'd like to knit something in these 3 shades of purple for Bella. She looks amazing in purples, pinks, and especially magenta.

Sidenote about nature-inpired knitting . . . My Ravelry friend Kay (needlenit) showed me this really good blog this morning from Sock Pixie: http://sockpixie.blogspot.com/2009/05/new-flower.html#links This color artist dyes yarns and creates projects inspired by fine art and nature.

And speaking of Needlenit . . . I wouldn't knit any new pattern without first checking on Ravelry to see if Kay has already knit it. She makes amazing improvements to everything she knits and supplies detailed notes on her project pages. The designers and magazine editors should hire her to test and improve patterns before publishing them because her changes are excellent and always make me wonder why the designers didn't think of them. She has a great eye for form and function.

Back to the blooms . . . I think this is Shasta Daisy with Blue Sage in the background, right Karen?

What is this yellow and green plant? Does it bloom?

This is the bee balm, right?

Love this delicate flower atop a spindly onion-like stalk; what did you call it?

Eureka! My photo expedition led me to the first ripe tomato of the year! It's not the first one we've eaten though. I cut up a green one the other night and tossed it in a veggie stir fry.

The perfectly sweet scent of my butterfly bush always reminds me of my perfectly sweet Anna.

Is this artemisia?

What did you call this, Karen? Will it bloom or is it a groundcover?

This sweet little plant looks promising; what is it?

Thank you again, Karen, for all these great cuttings! They've really beautified my perennial beds and they remind me of your sweet self every time I see them!


  1. more recycled yarn, you go girl! I need to get busy finding some good sweaters like you did in Boston. The cashmere was my favorite. Can't wait for you to share pics of all the yarns from the nice sweaters you found.

    Glad your plants are taking off and thanks for the sweet comment! I have more plants to share soon. To answer your questions...
    1. coneflower
    2. yes
    3. artesmia-very inconspicuous blooms
    5. spiderwort
    6. bronze ajuga and is a ground cover, has purple blooms in May
    7.as far as I can tell, this last one is goldenrod (hybrid) meaning non-allergenic
    I think that is it!

    Those tomatoes look so good, nothing like "country" maters!

  2. why does it remind you of your perfectly sweet ANNA and not your perfectly sweet BETH!?!?!?!! UGH!!! i hate being the baby of the family...short straw yet agaaaiin! :( jk jk..but seriously..nah im joking...but really..WHY