Saturday, September 19, 2009

MeeMaw for an Hour!

I got to be Hannah's MeeMaw on Friday and it was so much fun! Since neither Tommie nor Mike could make it this year, Hannah asked me to come to Grandparent's Day at her school. I got to tell a story about Hannah to her class.

I told about the time that Roxie asked Hannah and Beth to help her put her false teeth back in. Beth just gagged, but sweet little Hannah said, "I'll find someone who can help you!"

This girl is the sweetest!!!

She's pointing to her message to me, "I love you Aunt Carol, Love Hannah".

I love you too, Hannah!!

Thank you, Hannah, for a wonderful time at your school! It was an honor to stand in for your MeeMaw for a little while!


  1. i did not gag...i WANTED to gag!!!! i just gave her a disgusted look instead :]

  2. Thanks so much, Aunt C. Hannah was so happy to have you there and have someone to share the celebration with! You're the best!