Monday, August 2, 2010

August PhatFiber Samples "AFRICA"

I'm so excited to be a new contributor to PhatFiber! It's perfect for me because from each sweater I unravel, I usually have several small balls where the yarn breaks or I have to cut it. My limit is one join per 100 yards, so I've just been stashing these smaller pieces or sometimes even tossing the smaller ones out.
My 50 Samples for the August Box
These samples include sixteen cashmere hanks, thirty wools, and four silk/cotton blends. These yarns came from sweaters like Ann Taylor, LL Bean and J Crew. 

I put each sample in a baggie with a tea bag from Africa
and a tag (business card) that notes fiber content on the back.
I'd like to thank Galia of Galia's Spindle Designs for telling me about PhatFiber! She lives in Israel and makes the prettiest and most unique spindles I've ever seen.

Galia not only told me about PhatFiber, she was so sweet to help me get started--answering many questions and taking the time to give me advice about samples, yarn tags, and other things. Thank you, Galia! 

Each of Galia's lovely spindles are point balanced, tuned and tested.

Galia also makes other beautiful things for knitters at her PurlyPurl Etsy store. I plan to do some Christmas shopping at her store. My friends would love handmade items from Israel and her shipping to the US is very reasonable--only $2 shipping for these stitch markers!
Galia's bamboo stitch markers with heart-shaped rings.
She also makes these as earrings using sterling silver instead! Gorgeous, huh!

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  1. Beautiful yarns and love the stitch markers! I will definitely check out Galia's site. Carol, you are such a "busy bee" and such an inspiration to me!
    Share with us about PhatFiber. What is it?