Sunday, August 15, 2010

PhatFiber Secret Site Contest!

Welcome to Taddie Bee Knitting! I'm excited to be a first time contributor to Phat Fiber!

I'm especially glad to start with August because of the theme--AFRICA! My family has a special connection to a beautiful country there that will be the focus of TWO contests this week. I will be giving away a hank of yarn to two smart and creative winners   . . . or the same person could win both!

CONTEST #1  Be the first person to answer FOUR questions about Africa correctly and you will win your choice of any hank or ball of yarn in my Etsy shop (free shipping of course).

CONTEST #2  Rename ETSY and I'll choose another winner of a free hank of yarn.
This handwoven basket was made in "The Gem of Africa."
The yarn is from an Ann Taylor sweater, 100% cashmere, 
now available in my Etsy shop
FOUR QUESTIONS Be the first person to answer these four questions correctly: (Type your answers in a comment box.)

1. Name a certain country in Africa. Here are three hints:
  • My son-in-law grew up there. (ok, not so helpful for most of you)
  • A popular book series about a lady detective takes place in this country. HBO also produced a TV series based on these books.
  • This country is called "The Gem of Africa."
2. Name the fictional detective who lives at #5 Zebra Drive in this country's capital city (Be very specific; use her given first and last name.)

3. What is this fictional detective's favorite drink? (Use the name that she calls it--not what it is called in America.)

4. In this country's language, the word for money is the same as the word for rain and blessing. What is this lovely word?

Since all those answers can easily be Googled, and since Phatties are so creative, I want to add another contest that offers a chance for some creativity, and that won't necessarily favor the first visitors to the contest.

RENAME ETSY  In the book and HBO series mentioned above, the shop names (and the name of the detective agency) in this African country all have charming, unpretentioous, straightforward names. Names like:

The Last Chance Hair Salon
The Go-Go Handsome Men's Bar
Speedy Motors
The Double Comfort Furniture Shop

Rename "ETSY" in this style, and I'll award a free hank of yarn to the creator who, in my opinion, comes closest to the quirky, fun-loving spirit of these shop names.

The creative and knowledgeable (or Google-savvy) winners will be announced on Wednesday, August 18.

Have fun!


  1. 1. Botswana
    2. Precious Ramotswe
    3. Bush tea
    4. Pula

    Love the books!

  2. 1. Botswana
    2. Precious Ramotswe
    3. (Red) bush tea
    4. Pula

  3. Ooops, Juliaknit beat me to it...
    Ok, let's try the second one, then: The manually creative marketplace

  4. Botswana

    Mma Precious Ramotswe

    red bush tea


  5. The one stop shop with awe inspiring creations

    vbarton24 at gmail dot com

  6. Etsy

    The Everything Shopping Stop

    (I know, not that great)

  7. Everything That (can be) Spectacularly Yours: One Stop Shop :)

  8. 1. Botswana

    2. Precious Ramotswe

    3. Rooibos tea

    4. Pula

  9. "The Best Little Handmade Community on the Net."


  10. Contest #2
    1. The Shop You've Been Looking For
    2. The Only Online Outlet for Original Objects
    3. Crafty Little Corner of the Web

  11. Contest #1
    1. Botswana
    2. Precious Ramotswe
    3. Bush Tea
    4. Pula

    Contest #2
    Shop 'Til You Drop Creations

    Great post and fun contest!

  12. Contest #1:

    1. Botswana
    2. Precious Ramotswe
    3. Red Bush Tea
    4. Pula

    Contest #2: "The Things You Didn't Know Existed Craft Stop"

  13. The Make it, Sell it, Buy it, Love it Marketplace.

    Love your contest!!

  14. Contest #2
    Ingenious Indie Iniquities


  15. The If You Want It, Someone Else Has Already Made It Shop


    Idle Hands Make Good Crafts Shop