Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Contest Winners!

Yay, Juliaknit! You answered the four questions right off the bat! I'm glad a true fan of these charming books got in there with the correct answers right away.

Jessie, what a great new name for Etsy! It says it all and in a fun, alliterative way! Etsy should buy it from you as a new tagline.

The Make it, Sell it, Buy it, Love it Marketplace!

Juliaknit and Jessie, please email me and we'll make arrangements for you to choose your free yarn! 

taddiebeeknitting at gmail dot com

Thanks so much to everyone who entered! Your responses were funny and cute and catchy and showed lots of Etsy love :)

Look for another contest in October when the STEAMPUNK boxes drop!


  1. Who would think my sis knew about SteamPunk!!!

    Butter my butt and call me a biscuit!!

  2. Hey Biscuit....I didn't know about SteamPunk! Had never heard of it! I've read a little about it, but am still not exactly sure how yarn and fiber can relate to it....but it's going to be fun to find out!